Monday, April 19, 2010

Fair Hill CIC**

This weekend Blazer and I entered my first two star at Fair Hill. Having not been there since the CIC* in 2008 I was pretty excited.
Dressage on Friday went very well for Blazer and I other than one mistake in our canter. The week before leaving we had our first lesson with Sallie Spenard and I have to say she made a huge improvement in my riding in just one lesson and I look forward to continuing with her in the future.
Since Blazer and I didn't run XC at Morven this spring I was a little worried about how he'd be into the water and the coffin. When Saturday morning rolled around he was a lot easier into those two questions then anticipated. With those out of the way I think I took too big of a deep breath. We came up to a "log on a bump" type question and this is where I forgot to ride! Blazer came up the hill ears forward but once the ground started to level off I forgot to keep my leg on and Blazer stopped. We turned around and came back and everything went perfectly the rest of the course.
When it came time to show jump on Sunday I decided to use this course as more of a learning tool. After taking a few different lines than I normally would have Blazer and I came out with only one rail. I think this only helped our confidence after a not so perfect XC round.
The stop XC is a bit upsetting for me since this CIC** was supposed to qualify us for the NAJYRC CCI** this summer. After kicking myself for not doing my best on XC I have decided to give the Jersey Fresh CCI** a try in three weeks. Blazer (and I) will be increasing our conditioning for the next couple of weeks and hopefully can get it right this time around.


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