Saturday, September 25, 2010

Always Changing!

Things seem to be changing all the time. Recently I started riding a new horse (pictured) Pharaoh's Tale. He is a 12 year old TB owned by a good friend of mine, Ellie Brooks. Pharaoh has had some time off while Ellie has been doing school and since she is moving in January she asked me help find him a new home. Pharaoh won the AEC at novice with Allison Springer before Ellie bought him. When she asked me to ride him it had been months since he last had a rider on his back. I was prepared for a lot of patience and time before he was turned back into the event horse he was. He moved in to my barn on Sunday and it's now Saturday. After just six days with this horse I have already seen him fall right back into a routine. He stands quietly in the cross ties, hacks to the ring alone, lets me open gates from his back, you name it and I'm sure he could figure it out quickly. I am very excited to be working with this horse and hope to start him back in the eventing world this fall.
OK, now for Blazer...Well Blazer and I were entered to go to Middleburg Horse Trials Prelim this weekend. However, Wednesday night when I went to get him from the field he was favoring his left front. As any horse owner would I thought the worst. I called Dr. Johns immediately and she came to check it out and pulled his shoe. Blazer immediately stood flat footed and looked totally relieved. After removing the pad an abscess burst and so now we are soaking and wrapping him until it heals up. That being said, obviously Middleburg did not happen this weekend and we will have to re-route our fall plans.
I am super excited for this fall and to see where things go with Blazer and to watch Pharaoh progress. I've also been helping out a friend while she is at school by riding her mare who is coming back from an injury. Watching these horses come along reminds me what I love about this sport and working with horses. Getting on a horse and feeling an improvement from the day before and knowing that you made that happen always puts a smile on my face.
As I sit here watching the opening ceremony for the World Equestrian Games I realize how lucky I am to have done some of the things I have done so far with my riding. Although Blazer and I's plans have not been falling into place recently we have already accomplished so much together that a little bumpy stretch of road was due. I know that there is still a lot to come in my future and can't wait to see what comes next.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Overdue Update!

This summer went by really fast! Blazer and I did not have as great of a young rider outing as we had hoped. Camp started out great but I definitely realized the limits of my horse. I was hoping to get an advanced out of him this fall or next spring but I think that I learned to listen more (or maybe Blazer learned how to yell). Following young riders Dr. Johns checked over Blazer physically and didn't find anything more than a hot S.I. joint. For now we have taken a step back and I am letting Blazer have an easy fall. He is signed up for Prelim and Middleburg and that may be all for the fall. Plans are still up in the air for the two of us as of now but I think that he did a lot this spring and said enough is enough and I need to listen.
School has started and online classes are going great. I 've been working a lot at Dover Saddlery and I'm currently looking for a new up and coming prospect. The weather is changing and Blazer is feeling nice and fresh from his time off so hopefully that's all that was needed. I'll be sure to post more after Middleburg but right now I need to go back to my accounting homework!