Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Overdue Update!

This summer went by really fast! Blazer and I did not have as great of a young rider outing as we had hoped. Camp started out great but I definitely realized the limits of my horse. I was hoping to get an advanced out of him this fall or next spring but I think that I learned to listen more (or maybe Blazer learned how to yell). Following young riders Dr. Johns checked over Blazer physically and didn't find anything more than a hot S.I. joint. For now we have taken a step back and I am letting Blazer have an easy fall. He is signed up for Prelim and Middleburg and that may be all for the fall. Plans are still up in the air for the two of us as of now but I think that he did a lot this spring and said enough is enough and I need to listen.
School has started and online classes are going great. I 've been working a lot at Dover Saddlery and I'm currently looking for a new up and coming prospect. The weather is changing and Blazer is feeling nice and fresh from his time off so hopefully that's all that was needed. I'll be sure to post more after Middleburg but right now I need to go back to my accounting homework!

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