Monday, October 18, 2010

Maryland Starter Trial

Sunday Pharaoh and I headed out bright and early for the Maryland Starter Trial. It has been about four weeks since Pharaoh moved to my place after a long time of leisure. I must say I am very proud of how the day turned out. During our dressage warm up Pharaoh started out looking around and seeing what was going on but quickly focused and went to work. I was very pleased with his test and thought it was very consistent throughout. He recieved a 37.8 which I think was a bit high however that put him in second which I thought was about where he belonged. Jumping him was an absolute blast. I hadn't had a chance to do a full course with flowers and related distances before the show so I wasn't totally sure what I was getting myself into. Once he was in the ring Pharaoh went right to work and jumped every jump right down the middle without even a peak. Cross Country was even more fun, although I may need a stronger bit next time. He doesn't bat an eye at anything, he took everything right out of stride and wasn't going to take no for an answer once he set his sight on a jump.
Next up is Rubicon. Pharaoh will be going Novice again and Blazer will be back in action at Prelim!

Check out our day at Maryland -

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