Friday, January 14, 2011

A New Year

Hello from Palm City, Florida!!
I am so happy to be able to say that! Blazer and I are down in Florida now working with Natalia Martin on our dressage. The farm is beautiful and it's definitely different seeing how the dressage riders do things and hearing their stories (totally different world from eventing). We have been here for about a week now and Blazer is really getting into a routine and has been improving everyday. We weren't able to do much jumping since Rubicon at home with the frozen ground and everything. I took Blazer to a farm down the street yesterday to jump some little things and get back into it and let me tell you, we had some cobwebs to knock off! I'm planning on taking him back over next week and letting him jump a little more and hopefully improving on yesterdays performance.
I've got about 10 days left here before starting my journey to Aiken. This is my first winter getting to go south and it is definitely an amazing experience! I'm super excited to start working with Jenn again in Aiken. Hopefully she'll help Blazer and I get back into our old rhythm so we can have a good season. So far our schedule is looking like Full Gallop II, Pine Top Advanced, and Southern Pines II on the way home. I'd love to be able to get a better go at Young Riders for Blazer and I but we will have to see how the seasons works out for us before we make any big plans. For now school has started and my textbooks found me in Florida so I should start on that....