Saturday, May 21, 2011

Try to learn something about everything and everything about something

As with most eventers i am always looking for something new and something more to try. Since returning from aiken I have been getting the chance to ride a number of horses. This has been great for me because you can learn so much from each horse. There is nothing better for a rider than being adaptable to situations. When you head out on cross country you never know what might happen and you have to be ready to change your plan. I am very grateful for the opportunities given to me and hope to continue finding them.
Lately my plan has changed a lot and still is. With the end of my partnership with Blazer I've taken a step back and am focusing on the younger/greener horses while I finish school. I've always been the type of person to try my best at absolutely everything that I do. The balance between riding and school is one that I like to think I've got down by now.
The first question everyone asks me seems to be "what next?" or "what are you doing with Blazer?" Well I've had a hard time answering that. I have a tough time talking about finding Blazer a new home and I'm sort of stuck in the, trying to finish school but would rather be on a horse, rut. I got the chance to groom for Stephen Bradley at Jersey Fresh last weekend which was a great experience. It was there that I figured out what I'm doing. I might not know what's next but I know where I am. I'm learning. Taking everything in and keeping myself involved even if it's not on a horse. I love to have the chance to watch anything and everything that I can because I think that you can learn something from everything you watch and experience.
Everyone has their own technique and routine and the more you see the more ways you can adapt and build your own techniques. While I may not be out there riding at the two star level right now and I do miss it I'm having a blast just learning. I'm excited to be looking at young horses and trying the things I see and learn out on them. Ive also had the chance to get Pharaoh's Tale back in action and he is coming back better than I left him!! He starts back at the Maryland Starter Trial the first weekend in June then has some Training level events planned after that.
So as far as the rarely answered questioned "what are you up to now that your not competing Blazer?" question goes. The answer is: I'm learning, finishing school, riding as much as possible and loving every minute of it. I am lucky to have had all the opportunities that I have and I'm excited to see what is ahead for me.