Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Summer Excitement

This past weekend pharaoh and I were off to surefire for the novice. Of course since I'm now the magic 19 everything is entered in open divisions so that is a bit intimidating. Pharaoh rose to the occasion brilliantly with a 33 on the flat to put him in third. I was fairly confident going in to the jump phases and he proved me right with two easy double clear rounds. I must say he is a blast on the cross country! And I guess I've failed to mention his 1st place finish at the Maryland starter trials a few weeks before! I'm very excited about this guy and know he will make someone a great packer. He's off to loch moy next for the Maryland HT I then I predict some black flags in his near future!!
Summer has seemed to be flying by with lots of horses to ride, lessons to teach, riders to groom for (did i mention bromont is my new goal for my next horse?? Its gorgeous!) and farms to sit. I have been enjoying every second of it and will have even more time to enjoy it now that I finished my last summer class last night! So to answer a few questions I get regularly, yes I do sleep (not saying how long), yes I love what I do (who wouldn't?) and no I wouldn't trade it for anything!!
Although I'm having a blast with every opportunity given to me I must say I of course miss Blazer. I know he will have a great career with his next rider but it's a bittersweet feeling to know I soon won't see those perked ears every morning. I'm excited for the prospect of a new partner of my own though. He/she has big shoes to fill! (maybe that's why I haven't found one yet...)
Summer is in full swing and I'm excited for the next steps to come, hopefully new horses and more successful events! Next big trip is to kentucky to groom for my area II team at the NAJYRC and until then keep kicking on!!